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What is happening with Data Protection now?

It has been an interesting time for Data Protection legislation over the last couple of years and it seems that the uncertainty will continue for a while yet.

Social EngineeringOn Monday 5th October 2022, the Culture Secretary announced at the Conservative Party Conference that they were “replacing GDPR”.  The previous conservative Government had already proposed the Data Protection Bill which detailed a number of changes to the GDPR which had been through the consultation period and was awaiting its second reading in parliament.

This was halted when Truss entered No.10 as part of her commitment to ‘cut through the EU red tape’ which puts any Data Protection reforms back to square one. It may be on their intended list of measures to bring in during this Parliament, but we are likely to be at least 18 months – 2 years from any alternative legislation.

Indeed, if the EU doesn’t agree with the changes, we risk losing our adequacy which bans the free flowing of personal data between the UK and the EU (and vice-versa).  Furthermore, if you have any clients, suppliers or employees who are EU nationals, then you will still need to uphold the principles of the GDPR, irrespective of what the UK laws say.

So for now, it is business as usual as far as Data Protection regulations goes, you still need to comply with UK GDPR.  Which means having the right policies and procedures in place to ensure accountability.  Want to check how well your business complies with GDPR?  If you would like to book in for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss data protection then click here.

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