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Worried you've been hacked? Had a data breach? Server gone down? If you need us urgently or want to know more, call us or use the form below.

Datasense is the one stop shop for taking care of your data.  We look after your Cyber Security, Managed IT, Telecoms and GDPR under one roof.

We give businesses the confidence that their IT systems are secure, managed and compliant.  Your data is more than just part of your business – it is its very heart. Taking care of it is all about being constantly aware of cyber security and technological developments, staying compliant and being vigilant to new threats.  It is about the experience and expertise needed to implement ongoing strategies just as much as it is about your current management. It is about good Datasense.

You want confidence that your IT is secure and compliant with GDPR regulations, so we are here to do more than just care for your IT systems and your data. We are here to be your partners in staying ahead of the curve. It is our role to anticipate your needs and, should the worst happen, make sure you have the best team to hand to resolve your problem.

Datasense is more than the individual experts that make up our team, it is the good feeling that comes with knowing that your business data and systems are secure, compliant, effective, and managed.

We are your ‘Datasense’.


Customers reviews

“Very clear and cuts through the jargon of GDPR”

Daily Bread
“The training really gave us an insight into what GDPR was and how we needed to adapt as a company it also helped our newly appointed DPO to feel more confident in the role”
GDPR Data Protection Compliance Audit
“I highly recommend going on one of Datasense Cyber/GDPR courses, so much so that I will be registering one of our employees to attend their next one”
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