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Why Datasense for Managed IT?

Probably the most common questions we hear about Managed IT Services are:

Do I have to have my IT managed?
Can’t I just do it myself’?

The answer is that of course you can. If you have a background in IT and are prepared to allocate the time and resources, yes you can do it yourself. Whether you want to do that is another matter!

Your IT is often quite literally the thing that keeps your business working. Naturally, you want it to be there when it is needed. However, ask yourself if you would know what to do if a server crashed, a hard drive ground to a halt or your network suddenly refused to talk to you?

With a managed IT service from Datasense, you will have speedy access to highly experienced, up to date and expert support. That means that we will be able to manage any issues that occur quickly and with minimal disruption. In fact, unless there is a major hardware failure, we can manage your IT remotely most of the time. Where we can’t deal with a problem remotely, we will identify and resolve the problem as a priority. The Datasense difference though is in our ability to predict and repair issues before they occur. Part of your managed service will be our understanding of what is going to happen as well as what has happened. The best repair is the one you never needed to do because your IT was managed in advance of the catastrophic failure.

Great service is when our team have you up and running again quickly,
Datasense is never having the problem in the first place.

What is Datasense?

Managed IT

Integrated approach to your managed IT

Integration is basically what a managed IT service is all about. Not only do all the individual elements of your IT infrastructure need to interact with each other and mesh perfectly, so do the software and peripherals. You want them to talk to each other and allow you to talk to your customers with total reliability. 

IT is more than just a handful of computers, it is almost a living thing that develops and grows with your business. As it grows it can easily become vulnerable to attack and non-compliant with current legislation. With Datasense you will be able to relax knowing that we are with you every step of the way, ensuring that your systems are working at full capacity while remaining compliant and as safe as possible from a cyber attack

From a sudden IT emergency to ongoing support, we are here to help. Call us or send us a message below and let's talk about what you need: