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We are the confidence that your IT is Efficient, Secure, Compliant and Managed

Who we are is based around what our clients need to thrive.

In the rapidly changing data landscape, businesses need to be able to rely on support that will ensure they stay running, and they stay current. 

Sometimes, accessing the specialist IT knowledge you need, can mean being forced into a complex network of multiple suppliers. Alternatively, can you find yourself using a using ‘jack of all trades’ provider who may have gaps in the knowledge and experience needed to be truly effective. It was clear to us that to offer fully a rounded service we needed a fully rounded team of experts. 

Datasense is built on extended expertise and specialisms. It is a flexible team that can offer a range of services from an urgent fix to an ongoing managed IT and data support package. Most importantly, we are always approachable as well as experienced. We are practical as well as knowledgeable. We are cutting edge while keeping the human touch. 

We created a support environment where real people offer advanced solutions and pro-actively support you and your business. 

We aim to be your Datasense.

Chris – Managed IT services 

With a couple of decades of experience under his belt, and a genuine interest in new developments, Chris is a rare combination of experience and up to date technical know-how. As well as wielding a screwdriver to deal with everything hardware, he is the man to go to when it comes to remote maintenance of your systems. He is a skilled technician with an uncanny ability to see what does need doing and what will need doing to maintain your system and keep your data flowing.

  • Active in the IT industry since 1999
  • Worked with many Blue Chip companies such as LloydsTSB, MBNA, Barclays on IT Projects.
  • Understand the need of SMEs as well as larger corporates
  • Managed and run his own IT Business for 16+ years
  • Specialist desktop support engineer

Gayle – Compliance and policy

As well as being the ‘go to’ for compliance and policy, Gayle has extensive experience of project management and has worked with businesses in a wide variety of sectors. As you would expect from a compliance specialist, she is intensely detail-focused and capable of seeing both the small details and the big picture they fit into. She is also responsible for making sure the team behave (and also that don’t get so distracted by the latest technology that they forget to go home in the evenings). She is a self-confessed lover of policy and procedures and is the guiding light when it comes to ensuring everyone in Datasense and her clients are driven by practical processes that work for all.

  • Certified International Privacy Professional in Europe
  • Worked with hundreds of companies to ensure GDPR compliance
  • Extensive project management experience
  • Delivered comprehensive, jargon free data protection training to businesses in multiple sectors
  • Loves writing policies and procedures

Steph – Marketing

With a background in the emergency services, Steph is no stranger to long busy days, high workloads and multitasking.

By day, she helps Datasense elevate their marketing strategies and promote the business, and her passion for Art & Design helps to create some standout creations.

In her free time, Steph puts her qualifications in Art & Design to further use, running her own upcycling business as well as creating unique ornaments. 

This creative blend allows her to bring fresh ideas and a specific skill set to Datasense and her daily life.

Steph Byrne - Marketing Manager
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