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Why Datasense for your Cyber Security?

Estimates vary, but there are at least 50,000 attempts to hack small to medium sized businesses every day… In the UK alone, that is why cyber security is so important for every business.

What that means is that if you have not been a victim of an attack already, your turn is almost certainly coming.

The field of cybersecurity is constantly developing and tools used by those who would blackmail your business, try to undermine your profitability or simply cause malicious damage are also ever more sophisticated.

To combat this constantly evolving threat we have developed a series of individual and complementary services to make you as secure as possible. We are also able to respond with effective counter measures when the inevitable attack comes. Your security is paramount so we can offer everything from penetration and security reporting through to full, bespoke, security support packages. These will not only protect your business, they will tell your customers that you are listed on the government directory of organisations with a security award.

In the end, your data is also your customer’s data, and businesses and individuals are looking more and more to those suppliers who are taking measures to protect it.


Datasense for Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The bottom line is that legally and morally speaking you need to protect the information you hold on your systems. The data that is the lifeblood of your business is also part of a whole range of considerations from compliance to efficient IT and telecoms.

The cyber security you put in place must therefore integrate with the right technology and communications methods for secure storage, utilisation and distribution. In addition the GDPR requirements, policies and practices for compliance are as big a part of the whole as your managed IT and your telecoms.

At Datasense we do more than just offer an effective Cyber security option, we can advise on the use of it in the specific needs of your business to make sure you are managed, compliant, and effective.

Datasense is a feeling of security. It is knowing that you are protected and compliant.

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