Specialist Chris Lambert’s Testimonials

Specialist Chris Lambert’s Testimonials

As managed IT services are so important, we thought we’d take a look back over the recent months at some of the testimonials our specialist, Chris Lambert, has received.

Jacky Sherman

Jacky’s hard drive was having a problem and wouldn’t let Windows 10 start up meaning the operating system was corrupt.

The resolution to fix this was to talk her through running a hard drive scan and repairing the errors that were found during this. It took a little bit of time to run and repair, but the end result was Jacky got full access back to the her PC and all of her data.

Jacky had these kind words to say afterwards.

Thanks for being there so quickly when my computer went “Phut!” and offering a sensible solution whilst taking away the panic. As always will recommend you to those wanting robust solutions to their IT infrastructure.

From: Jacky Sherman
Date: 17-06-2021


Hayley White

Hayley was struggling to set up her Microsoft 365 business account. The main problem focused around having issues with the DNS records  being inserted into her Domain name. An easy task when you do it on a near daily basis, not as easy when you’re trying to do it for the first time.

The solution was Chris logged in remotely and guided her through the steps to insert the relevant DNS records into the correct place on her domain name. Shortly after her email system was migrated over to Microsoft 365.

Hayley was kind enough to leave this comment afterwards.

What can I say? The oracle of IT support! Thank you for your support in both OneDrive support and Microsoft exchange / DNS bits and pieces! Thank you 🙂

From: Hayley White
Date: 04-12-2020


Mark Coster

Mark has setting up a client portal for his graphic design clients so they would be able to upload new files for Mark to use as well as review work that had been completed in the past. He was struggling to find a secure way to store the files and keep access down to only relevant client.

Chris worked alongside mark to understand the issue and to find a solution. The result was Chris designed a SharePoint site that would limit access to client folders based on username access, mean that only the intended client would be able to see their artwork and Mark would also receive a notification when new files were added or if something was changed.

Afterwards Mark left these great comments for Chris.

Chris continues to be my ‘go-to’ for IT problems and needs, and he recently helped me with some advice around a client portal I am installing in my new website – and helped me set up a Sharepoint to run it.

From: Mark Coster
Date: 24-02-2021